How to Have Only Amazing Weekends

Thank god it’s Friday! Make of your weekend a real zen and joyful event. We women don’t stop working ever. As our days off are here, we need to do lot and a lot of things at home. Her’s how to stop this and have a really nice days off!

Plan your time

Many are using now time planning cell phone applications who basically help to remember your tasks and set the time when to do them. It is not a bad idea. But you can use an agenda or just a sheet of paper to do it.

Start by planning your week. Don’t forget to include the home tasks between others. This is a work too so don’t let yourself do all this on your free time! Even if you are tired after work, do at least one small homework every day. It might be the morning before you go to work or any other time. Think if you could even stand up some 20 minutes earlier the morning to do it.

Search for helpers

And right away I will not agree – this is not help that you need. Actually home-tasks should be done by all family members at least if you are not a housewife. This is not a help, it’s a common family life. You work, your partner works, children go to school – so each one some part of home work.

Forget perfectionism

You want that things are well done, so that’s why you don’t want any helpers. The floor won’t be so clean and dinner won’t be as you planned. Let it go! Let it be as it is, they can do things too and that might bring pleasure to everyone. You don’t need to control everything – be a team member, not a leader. Get fun all together – that’s the most important.

Plan your weekend

If you have two days off, you can plan that time too – a little bit for your family and a little bit for you. Plan an afternoon with your kids – go out for a walk or play games together. But don’t forget to take the other afternoon for you! Go out for coffee with your friend or with your partner. A great afternoon for yourself can be an afternoon home alone. Do your beauty rituals in the bathroom, make yourself a huge cup of aromatic thee with honey and watch a film that you wouldn’t watch with your family.

Because we, women need to take up energy. You are the energy of the family and if You will feel good, relaxed and positive, your family will feel like that too.

Have a nice weekend !!

Don’t be Perfect

You are doing well. You are doing a lot. Only you can do things like they should be. Aren’t you a perfectionist? Lets settle two kinds of perfectionists:

Professionals Perfectionists

Perfectionists in their professional life make themselves a possibility to achieve more. Here all depends on your work. If you are a project manager, a leader and concentrate your perfectionism on achieving the global goals, perfectionism will surely lead you to success. This quality helps you to see a global picture and achieve it in the best ways. Many successful people are perfectionists. If you are in this category, go on, keep improving in your work!

If you are a part of some structure, you are working for a bigger project, but not leading it, perfectionism might cause you more stress then success. More and better you will perform, more work you will do instead of others. You will rise expectations on your performance and will have to work harder than others for the same wage. Try to find a balance – do your job well but not instead of others.

Perfectionism in the private life – to get rid off

Perfectionism in your everyday life can only guide to a low self esteem and depression. Actually you tend to look perfect, to keep your home perfect because you want to look perfect in the eyes of others. And when you’re not able to be at the top, you feel bad. You are able even to avoid seeing friends or to invite people at home. This is the type of perfectionism that you should avoid. If you have real friends, they will understand that you are busy and won’t even pay attention to your imperfections.

And the most important – only the perfectionists will judge others for their imperfections. That means that you set yourself high limits and you are not happy with yourself if you can’t reach them. But people who are not like you, won’t judge you like you would.

What to do to stop being perfectionist?

Your physical appearance – get ready for the day in the morning. The first thing before any other – you get yourself ready for all day. You don’t need to re-do your make-up several times. Try to be natural, buy yourself only clothes that you like very much. Get rid of the clothes that doesn’t fit you or you don’t feel free and comfortable in. This will help you to be on the Top always.

Your home – don’t let it be too messy. Keep it in order all the time so that you don’t have to invest a lots of work to clean up each time. Maybe only you can clean it as perfect as you like, but let some work to the others of your family too. A little bit for children, a little bit for your partner and it’s not tragic that it won’t be perfect. At least it will be done and you will have more time to enjoy your life.

Make priorities

There are many genius people who are succeeding in their work and financial life being perfectionists in this, but the house stays messy all the week awaiting for a payed cleaner on the Sunday. They don’t waste the time to clean up home, because they are better paid in their professional work. And to be successful in the work, they need to be happy together with their beloved ones, not wasting the time in making perfect things that doesn’t actually matter.

Please share with us – Are You a Perfectionist? How do You feel it? Because Your opinion matters! Thank You so much!

A Sad Dreamers Story

The beginning of my dream was an idea

Just a taught that determined my further behavior. It didn’t let me go, so it was worth of a little case study. That gave me a motivation, joy of beginning something new. I started to talk about it to others, ask questions to those who have experienced it.

I saw myself in the dream

I determined it as my aim and started to find solutions and people to reach it. I was so excited and wanted to move on wise and quickly. I saw myself already in the situation of reaching my dream. I imagined it to understand better my specific needs.

Listening to advice

I knew that people who are experienced might give an advice and I was open to all additional information. I still understand that the decision maker is only me and I don’t have to do like others did.

A mistake

But… as I was a novice, it was so hard to sort properly the advice. Advice came from my friends. I didn’t know any other solution, so I did exactly what they said…

The reality hits hard

Here I saw myself falling. In my mind I still screamed ”No, no.., no…” I felt defeat. I didn’t expect that, but it hurt so much. My soul cried and shout and I knew that was my fault. I felt a shame and dissapointment, all my world had just wracked.

Only that miserable moment of defeat I understood why. While I was building my dream I taught that all went well. Actually I was too excited and I saw what I wanted to see through the pink glasses. I understood that I made mistakes while following friends advice… but why? My friends have their lives, their situation and their solution didn’t fit to me. Even if they wanted to help me.

I was so thirsty that I drank a poison.

Luckily for me, I have other things in my life to go on. The defeat is so recent that my wounds still hurt. But I won’t judge myself too hard. Shit happens.

Meditation for night

You have done one more busy day, one more busy week. Have you done everything that you wanted? Before you go to sleep… it’s the best time to clear your spirit.

Why should you do this?

  • To reduce your stress and take up energy
  • To remember where you go and why you do the things
  • To stay happy, loving and grateful

Five step meditation for the night

I propose you a motivating meditation that will guide you through the most important things before you sleep. So close your eyes and imagine…

First – be aware of your breath

Be aware of your breath to introduce yourself in meditation. Listen up how the air enters in you and how it goes out. Be aware how it feels on your lips, in your mouth, in your throat and lungs. Feel how it goes out. Follow it in your mind until you feel calm and can go on with the next step.

Second – Think of things that you have done today

Sort them in your mind – which were necessary and which not. Think what more should you do to get your aims done. Imagine yourself achieving your aims in the best scenario. Think what you need to do.

Third – go and get the energy

You must have enough energy. Now imagine yourself flying in the universe. In the dark sky you see colorful energy flows. They are coming to fulfill you. This is the Love energy of the universe – take it as much as you need.

Four – share the energy with others

You must start by giving the loving energy to people who surround you. Imagine every member of your family, every friend of yours. Give him and her a hug while transmit the love energy to each person. Than imagine each person that you don’t like and give them the same. This frees you from negative energy. More of Love Energy Meditation you can see in one of my previous posts: Take The Pure Love Energy of the Universe.

Five – see the purpuse

Be aware of the energy that is still turning in your body. Feel and see how it is beautiful and colorful, how it flows in your body. Now take back in your mind the most important people and things to achieve and see how you honor them with your energy. This is the purpose of things that you do and you will be done all the necessary for a good beginning of the next day. You will know on what to concentrate.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to talk about it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me an e-mail.

Now share with us what is your meditation for the night? Thank You so much!

Busy woman – Love your life

Would you die happy today?! You don’t know when your life journey ends.

You are a woman, a busy woman as the most of us. You have been at work all day, you have done the laundry, homework with kids, you have prepared the dinner and payed the last bills. Today you didn’t have time to clean your home and to rest. But it’s ok, weekend is coming, you’ll clean up after you’ll be done your second work the Saturday morning and after you’ll be taking kids to extracurricular activities. Maybe even you’ll go to see your friends the evening, just you’ll have to do some quick shopping before to have some to bring with you. And that’s not all…

You are happy when all is done and maybe Sunday you could sit down with your children on the coach. But maybe not this week.., because you have the new project and you have to review your homework before Monday?

Why all this? Is this the fault of your man who only works? Is this the society that makes you doing all of this? Are you happy to be at this rush? If you are in this situation, the answer is YES! It makes you happy! Or you think that you don’t have choice? You have the choice!

Do you know Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in psychology? Physiological needs come first. One of our physical need is the rest. But we are turning the pyramid upside down. We, women will do all the other things before our comfort.

If you have ever taken the airplane you know the plane instructions in a case of crush; put on the life vest before putting it to children. That means that if you will put the vest to the children first, they may not survive too, because you will not survive. Probably. You’ll not be there to help them anymore.

You know actually why you are doing all this, hein? More you do, bigger will be the satisfaction when all your aims will be done. The Sunday evening you will sit down on the coach really satisfied. To restart your race the Monday… Is it worth of it? Of course not. So what to do?

Make your aims smaller and make a Sunday evening each day. If you won’t put your life vest at time, you’ll be lost. Maybe the house won’t be so clean and children won’t do so many sports. If you have a partner and you both work, cooking, laundry, bills and children are not only your responsibility. Even if he’s not so good as you at those things, it’s OK. Perfect is when you have time to rest. Turn back Your pyramid and enjoy the simple happiness. If you will not ask so much of yourself, you will ask less from others as well. Perfectionist time is done… for a cause.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what makes you happy. Really would like to see Your opinion! Thank You !

Body scan – Meditation massage

Ladies, stress shows on your face. Happiness is the true beauty weapon. /Susan Sarandon/

Daily stress accumulates in our muscles and you keep carrying it on your shoulders. You feel a physical and emotional pressure on your body. I suggest you to get rid of this load in two steps:

Let’s start with the Body scan. Just close your eyes and imagine…

First make a tour in your mind and think of the major things that cause you stress. It is necessary to be aware of what you are getting rid of.

Second – feel whole of your body and determine the places where your muscles are tight. Imagine how your energy flows all over your body and visualize the tight muscle areas. These parts have a different color. You will scan all the body but you’ll make a special attention to these places. Here you will repeat the release several times.

Third – start the Body scan with a Releasing wave. You will guide the wave all over your body. Imagine it as a wave of energy that passes under your muscles from toes up to your body. It passes each muscle by releasing it. The wave goes smooth where the muscles are not tight. And it gives more force and goes slower to release the tight muscles.

Start with the right toe, make more attention to the feet, move slowly up on your right leg. Give more attention where needed, repeat the wave as many times as you need to feel relax. Continue with the left toe up to leg. Probably you will need more energy to your back, go through the lowest back muscles from the right side first, repeat the wave even three or four times, than do it on the left side and move up. Do the same in the middle of your back, in the upper side, on your neck. Go through your right arm, than left arm. End the body scan with your head, do well the neck side muscles and your face.

Enhance Your Happiness by Love meditation

Now your stress is released from the muscles. If you feel that you need to continue with the second step – Love energy meditation – you can follow it in my previous article Take the Pure Love Energy of the Universe. /Imagine yourself in the universe, floating above our planet, you are in the dark sky filled with colorful, shiny Love energy flows. These Love flows are filling You, as a part of the universe. You feel the warm, slow loving energy coming into your body…/

If the Body scan was enough for now, you can make the Love meditation the next time. Once you have done, you must feel satisfied, You have left more space in your body for the positive energy and happiness.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what is your favorite meditation? Thank You so much!

Don’t forget to be grateful

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order – David Gerrold /american author/.

Being grateful is a very important part of your self growth and positive thinking. Gratefulness means that You think of all good things that you have in your life, it reminds that actually you are not so poor, not so unhappy and that you have a good reason to keep achieving.

I propose you a Visualization meditation method that is dedicated to stay grateful.

Just close your eyes and imagine….

First make a tour in your mind – think of all these things in your life that you wouldn’t give up for anything in the world – think of your children, your family, your health… you have two hands, two legs, your eyes see and you have enough money to live – that’s awesome!!

Second, feel the energy in your body – imagine the energy flows. It flows slowly in your arms, one by one. Then it flows to your neck and head. You feel the shiny colors in each part where the energy comes. It fills all your body, your legs till the fingertips. You are all filled with it, energy keeps flowing slowly in your body.

You will share your energy to others – make sure that you feel that you have enough energy. If you think that you need more energy, I suggest you continue by filling your body with The Pure Love Energy of the Universe – that is described in my earlier article.

Third – now imagine each person for who you are grateful – one by one and give him/her a hug – a thanking hug . While the hug the energies of your bodies are exchanging. the person gives you his energy that makes you grateful and happy. You give your energy of love and gratefulness. Repeat this hugging process with each person you intended to.

Fourth – imagine each circumstance, thing or part of your body for which you are grateful. See it with your eyes closed, enjoy the moment, feel exchange of your energies.

Fifth – You have expressed your gratefulness to everyone and everywhere you wanted. Now return to the second step and feel again the energy flows in your body. Now they have changed, became stronger. Your energy is mixed with all the positive energies that you have exchanged. You feel stronger and you are ready to continue your projects and be successful.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what advantage meditation gives you? Thank You so much!

Best Living Room Design picks

I propose you Interior design for Living room – here you can see several interesting room design solutions, recommendations from blog. Autumn and winter are the Living room seasons. We spend more time in our home then in summer. Create a nice feeling in your Living and you’ll be happy to spend your time here. Latest trends propose you bright colors and unique pieces of furniture or decoration. Just one trendy blow and your Living will get an awesome looks. Enjoy!

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Back to School – with good Feng Shui in kid’s room

To have a good Back to School for the kids introduce some good Feng Shui tips in the interior of kid’s room. Changes will make the kid happy and stimulate good schooling habits. You can start by creating a nice ambiance.

Feng Shui in bref

Feng Shui is an art to link a persons life with his surroundings. Using Feng Shui advice you can create a harmony between the lifestyle and the environment. The theory is based on good and bad energy flows that you can control by organizing your environment. The aim is to get around all positive energy and to cancel all the negative. The good energy influences you in the best ways… To read more I suggest my previous article Best picks of Feng Shui for you.

How Feng Shui interior design can help our kids

Feng Shui interior design can help kids to improve in all priority areas – schooling, extracurricular (out of school’s) activities, relationship in the family, relationship in school. Feng Shui is a method to solve problems and difficulties. In the best case, study (homework doing) placement is in Northeast (NE) area of your home/ your room. If you can not use NE placement, just place a crystal on the NE of the kid’s desk. See the picture of Feng Shui bagua map – you can apply this map to the kids room. The entrance door is placed on Career’s wall. You should think of the placement of furniture in the room to create positive spaces where needed. The bases of Feng Shui is to keep the room clean and no messy, make sure that the kid keeps it in order or help him/ her with this. You should activate first the areas where your kid has difficulties, ex: behavior problems, bad notes in school ect.

Here are the tips to make the best out of Feng Shui:

No 1. Take all unnecessary things out of the room. Maybe there are too much furniture or toys. Put the toys, clothes and all kids stuff in wardrobes, shelves. The good energy loves empty, tidy and flat spaces. Of course, you can leave some decoration or favorite things – the kid still must love his/her’s room. Your task will be to place well these things in the room.

No 2. take in consideration three important Feng Shui bedroom tips:

  • First never place the bed with direction – feet to door. It refers to an ancient belief that only the dead go out of the room with the feet first. This direction of bed attracts the bad energy.
  • Second – the person who lives in the room must freely see the entrance door from main position places. Don’t put the school desk with the sitting position with the back to door. The best if the chair has a position back to wall. Put the bed the way that he/she sees the door. These are elementary any room comfort rules.
  • Third – do not put mirrors in front of the entrance door. And do not put them the way that the kid can see himself/ herself from the bed. Feng Shui has a whole theory of mirrors, they have an important role. Mirrors can create a very good energy and lighten spaces while good placed. In front of the door the mirror ”fights away” the spirit of the person who enters the room – which is bad. Seeing yourself in the mirror from bad can ”scare your spirit” or soul when you wake up (suddenly the night or just in the morning). The person can be scared the first seconds seeing someone facing him/her. After you understand that it’s a reflection, but the first moments create negative energy.

No 3. Determine which areas in kids life you would like to stimulate. Put ”on” a bagua map to the room’s plan. I propose you a featured kid’s room bagua map that can help you to create the ideal room.

The main areas to stimulate are School, Family, Money, Achievements and Mentors. The room must have an empty space for free movement and playing which is the Health zone. Once you have activated needed areas, explain your kid in simple way that he/she must take care of each of them, keep them clean – to be successful in …. school, with friends, sports… you can make a habit to take care of these areas together and taking care of each of them will give you a reason to talk about the topic – that is how you can teach to think about important things in his/her life, give examples.

  • Put the desk in the school area. Desk must be clean and empty. Store books, block-notes and other stuff in the desk drawers and closets. Lots of stuff on the desk distract the kid from homework. Put a good desk lamp – it is important for child’s eyes as well as for having good notes at school. Good lightened areas attract a good Feng Shui. To attract even more success, place a nice crystal on the desk – best if it will be in the Northeast.
  • Make sure to put your family pictures in the Family area. Photos where you are together and happy. Here is a place for decoration or gifts that were made by or given by family members. All that reminds the family in a positive way. If the kid hasn’t good relations with some family member – brother, uncle… you can fix it by including their common pictures or a nice picture of that person between others. Don’t forger to lighten the area, keep it clean. You can put a mirror or crystals to get more energy here.
  • Teach the kid to be wise with money with the Money area. Put the kids piggy bank, add a crystal, keep the area clear and clean. Taking care of this area can be a reason of conversations between you about saving and spending. You can put wealth symbols as well – a plant – money tree. If you have an aquarium, the money area is the best place to put it. In Feng Shui aquarium with fish is one of the most powerful energy sources. It represents all 5 basic elements – earth, wood, metal, fire and water. It is a symbol of wealth.
  • Put photos of your kids Sports or arts achievements, medals – everything that reminds the moments of glory. Kid must feel proud and know that he has achieved that by his own work. Bring light to this area to help your kid to develop in sportive and creative areas. Activate this area if your kid don’t have enough of self confidence or it’s difficult for him/her to make friends.
  • People who inspire – here you can put quotes, books or pictures from people or personages who inspire your kid. Mentors can be family friends, or famous people from TV, authors or personages of books. It can be Winnie the Pooh with his famous quote “The most important thing is, even when we’re apart, I’ll always be with you.” Here you can remind the kid the wise thoughts and things you want him/her to remember. To activate this area use light, crystals and mirrors

The most important is taking care of created areas. Each time you do it and your kid does it, you remember the topic. Feng Shui is a way to bring success in certain areas and help to overcome difficulties. Try it out and you will see the result.

So I invite you to see some of my best Kid’s room design picks. Not necessary of Feng Shui, but just for inspiration:

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Thanks for staying with me ! Please share the post and write in a comment – which area do you need to activate first? Thank You so much!

Best kids’s room design picks

I propose you Interior design for children’s room – here you can see several interesting room design solutions, recommendations from blog.

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