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The solution how to succeed is in you

We need to succeed in this life, we have to…

We now that our school hasn’t learned us to succeed so we are searching elsewhere… everywhere. After reading the self-help and self-improvement literature, many of us will try it out in different ways, but nothing actually changes. Even worse – more persistent you are, more miserable you can feel after – because they say that it’s so fucking easy to succeed: ’’When you imagine 1000,000 $ their almost yours’’ or ‘’the most important is to start and don’t let go…’’ Many of us are ready to everything to succeed and they believe that those glorious words from self-improvers will work… they can even spend a money to make it work…. but nothing. Why?!

Reading a motivating and helping literature doesn’t mean that you acquire the ability, skills or needed knowledge

You are just reading, entertaining yourself. Even if all advice is really useful, you have to ACT to make it WORK in your life. Reading that joyful literature won’t give you basic knowledge on the market, business or the particular skills that actually will determine if your projects are viable or not. Advises just motivate you to go, but you have to keep your head on the shoulders and figure out the right way to go.

The motivation authors have the role of cheer leaders

For example, you know that you will start a particular online selling business. The most important is to go back to business theories and see what you should find out on your competitors and their strategies. Than you have to find out if there is a raising demand on the market, the rate of prices and much more. All that will take you a lots of time and your research might show different results… maybe it will not be a viable project and you will have to restart your research in another domain.

They keep screaming: ‘’Go, go, you can do it’’, but all decision is yours, you are the player and the result will depend on your performance, not on the volume of the cheer leader’s voice.

Take your time and think

You should find at least some minutes at least once a week to sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on who you are, what you have and where you are going. It is important is to keep connection between what you are doing and what you are willing.

Concentrate exactly on your life plans or projects

First you need to think in whole – what is the aim, what looks like your dream come true. Than you have to think of your tasks in general what you have to do to get to your aim. Imagine clearly the things that you do to make it real. Than imagine what you will do today to move forward. And think if you give the best for it? This part is so fucking important because here you must give the directions to yourself… Motivation must stay with you all the time.

Thomas Edison said: ‘’Opportunity is missed by most of the people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like a work.’’ All this stuff is nothing if it cannot make you act!

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what skills would you need to succeed? Thank You so much!

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