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How to stay happy

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” Helen Keller

We are hunting for happiness, we are aiming higher, but still feeling unsatisfied and believing in a better tomorrow. Will I be satisfied when I will have a better house? Or a better work? Or maybe when I will have children? We think of our aim as a state of situation – that will last and keep us happy. When you get your goals at work, do you Stay satisfied? You get your satisfaction, but life goes on and you have other things to achieve. Happiness is a process.

The desire of happiness keeps us going

It keeps us going and changing things and produces our self-development. When we are Not Unhappy we let the things go on like they are. We fulfill our everyday life with what we already have and know. But at the moment of crisis, moment of the limit we explode, we want to change the order of things. This explosion forces us to think, to search to find the way out, to find solutions. Actually it is the UNHAPPINESS that pushes us to change the things towards happiness.

How to progress without the big explosion

How to progress without the big explosion? When you feel that things go wrong, go out with the discussion, talk to your partner, your family, talk out what’s wrong and the solution will come, because the solution will be born in your mind, it is already there just waits for your action. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the situation anymore.

Which moment the Unhappiness turns into Happiness

When you see the solution, you figure out the ways how to get there and make a decision to act according to your new idea. Now you are on your way to the Happiness. Your action makes you happy, because you have changed things and you know that you are on the good way.

Compromise happiness when not living alone?

There is not only our view that counts, we have our closest people around who live with the same ambition. When you and your partner have the same meanings of happiness, it is easy to move on. But what to do if your interests don’t match? Or worse – they make an opposition to each other?

A Global hobby

If you really can’t stand each other’s meaning of joy, it wouldn’t be reasonable to stay together. But if you are good together, you must find a solution any way. It won’t be fair to forbid your partner his hobbies or source of joy and not fair to give up yours as well. Sometimes one of us gives up doing his favorite things hoping that other one will do the same, but the partner is not ready for this kind of sacrifice. This can only ruin your relationship. Find a common aim for you to move on in the life, determine together how will you do it and you will be on your common way to happiness, you will have a ‘’global hobby’’ together. And what concerns your own sources of joy – plan your time the way that each of you have time to do his things, respect each other and your relationship will stay healthy.

happy together

How to keep your happiness?!

The time that you spend living and acting according to your views of happy life or fulfilling your aim with an appropriate action, you will keep yourself happy. One needs to have a variety of entertainment around to feel living a happy life. Another will be happy gardening every weekend, all depends on your view. Think about it – what makes you feel good and keep doing it. On your happiness will depend the happiness of the people that surround you, your work productivity and your health.

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