Take the pure Love energy of the Universe

Taking and feeling the pure Love energy is a Visualization meditation method that helps you:

  • To get the energy you need
  • To keep you grateful
  • To forgive
  • To get rid of the negative energy

All these are key elements to be aware who you are and where you are going. This gives an energy You need to reach our goals and to succeed in Your everyday life. If You have an order in your mind, You will be able to better affront the different emotional situations that may occur. Just – You will stay positive.

Now find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine….

Imagine yourself in the universe, floating above our planet, you are in the dark sky filled with colorful, shiny Love energy flows. These Love flows are filling You, as a part of the universe. You feel the warm, slow loving energy coming into your body. First it flows in your arms, one by one. Then it flows to your neck and head. You feel the shiny colors in each part where the energy comes. It fills all your body, your legs till the fingertips. Now you are all filled with it, energy keep flowing slowly in your body. The warm universe Loving energy keeps shining your body, you are filled with The Pure Love.

Give the pure love to your beloved ones

When you are ready, imagine every person that you love. Imagine your mom, your dad, grandparents, each of your children, your partner, your friends. See them one by one with you. You make a hug to each person and at the moment of the hug the loving energy that flows in You flows in the person’s body. You have all the love of the Universe; you can give as much as you want. You can stay with each person as long as you need. It makes you grateful for having them and reminds your love.

Give the Love to assholes that you hate

Then you imagine every person that have hurt you, every fucking asshole that you hate, each moraine that have made a misery of you… your enemies… and- give the love to each of them. Yes, as much love as you can to each asshole! Make a hug and let the loving energy flow in their bodies. That is how you forgive them and calm your emotions. When you are doing this for the first time you must feel a large step that you make, an effort.

Once you have done, you must feel satisfied… (a bit like a God) 🙂 You keep emitting the loving energy everywhere you go. You do it in your own way. You feel the satisfaction and you have all the energy you need to go on.

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