Create a home that inspires you

Create a home that motivates you and you will get inspiration every day! See interior design as a part of your active life. It is Your house, apartment or room – and You are able to create what’s in it. The best moments in my life are moving into a new house or apartment and choosing the furniture, floor and all accessories around. Even if you have a budget to respect, this is the moment when you create your space to live in. On that will depend how you will feel every day. If you will choose beautiful things to look at, you will feel beautiful too.

I will tell you by a secret that me and my husband we love to change furniture placement or even switch rooms with our children, to make a difference. Even if we are not changing the house, and not buying new furniture, we are just changing the looks.

Always aim higher

Always aim higher when choosing your home looks. I start by looking luxury interiors to give myself an idea what is the best. Even if I will never afford them, I see trends and put ideas together with my own requirements. You see how different materials, colors and lights change the whole ambiance. When you will choose your furniture, you will see better how to combine different looks to get the best result.

Bring your personal values into your interior

You should see interior as a part of your active life. It must be functional, practical and remind you the most important values of your life. A home is not a museum. Bring in it your heart. I mean to think about – your family, love, your career. Many years ago I have found the Chinese method of harmonizing your surroundings – Feng Shui. I am not the fanatic of it to calculate each corner according it’s rules. But as I was interested in it, I learn their theory and took the best for me. If you are interested in more content of my interpretation of Feng Shui, I invite you to follow my blog, and read the article Best picks of Feng Shui for You. In brief the theory is based on creating well aired, light, no messy, tidy spaces. And it proposes you to divide your living space in areas which represents certain aspects of your life (family, love career etc.) To be successful in each of them, you have to take a regular care of these areas.

The most important that I learned from Feng Shui – it invites you to keep in mind your general topics all the time. In our everyday life we work, we do things quickly and often forget to take care of the most important. Let’s say that by introducing your important aspects in your interior you keep them visual behind your eyes all the time. It is a little bit like self-improvement authors advice sometimes to wright down some important quotes or even your aims on a paper and put it like a huge poster in your room. Every morning when you wake up, you read the words and keep concentrated on them.

Me with my family have a project to create us a new space of living. I’m so excited about it. So I invite you to see some of my best kitchen picks:
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Image result for luxury kitchens

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