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Feng Shui is an art to link a persons life with his surroundings. Using Feng Shui advice you can create a harmony between your lifestyle and your environment. The theory is based on good and bad energy flows that you can control by organizing your environment. The aim is to get around all positive energy and to cancel all the negative. The good energy influences you in the best ways but the bad energy attracts a bad luck. Feng Shui has practical advice how to introduce harmony and it has a straight connection with well aired and tidy spaces.

Take the best for you without becoming a fanatic

More you read in theories, more complicated it becomes. My believe is that you don’t have to blindly follow one theory. You have the right to choose the best of what you have learned and build your own theory in your believes, in your mind. I found Feng Shui a useful way to connect my love to interior and my needs to improve things in my life. Every theories that you will believe in will work for you. This is the force of your mind. So by following Feng Shui methods you must be sure that they will work… it works for me. Here I propose you the Cherry on the Cake of Feng Shui:

No 1 Throw away all unnecessary things. All that you think that you will use one day but don’t use now. Get rid of everything that is broken, not good looking or dirty. Put all necessary things in their place, in the shelves. Do not store things under your bed, on the tables or on the wardrobes. The middle of the room must be empty. Do not leave dark corners or messy spaces. Imagine your room from the beginning – once it was empty and then you put just the necessary furniture. No tons of things anywhere. The good energy flows well on flat spaces. When it flows, it cleans away all bad energy on it’s way. Whereas messy surfaces, corners or mess on the floor accumulates the bad energy that installs and don’t let the positive energy to pass.

No 2 Keep your environment clean. Once you have no mess, it is easy to keep surfaces clean all the time. Many things everywhere take a lots of dust and take many time to clean. You don’t have many time to do that. The same principle on the floor and in the air. Open windows regularly. Dust, dirtiness and no aired spaces attract the negative energy as bad as messy rooms.

These are two main principles that help me to feel myself comfortable in my house, even without Feng Shui. You will see that in a clean, spacey room you will be able to work or study better. You will be able to concentrate well on your issues and will feel motivated. Before I start any computer-work I first get the good energy come in.

No 3 Use light to eliminate dark spaces in your room. Dark and lost corners accumulate the negative energy as well. To get a good flow of positive energy, bring a lot of light in your room. Always open the curtain during the daytime. Use lamps and candles during the dark time – to bring the maximum of light in your space. If needed, put additional lamps in the corners or mirrors that reflect the light and illuminate.

No 4 Use the theory of the 5 elements of Feng Shui. Theory is based on 5 elements of the nature – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire. You must get to know which element you are according to your year of birth. You can do it very quickly here. It applies the principle of Destructive and Productive cycle, please see the picture. In order to create successful spaces for yourself you must use the element that precedes you in the productive cycle and/or use your element. You must avoid elements that destructs you by the destructive cycle.

Feng Shui Cycle – 5 elements

In the productive cycle:

  • From Earth you will dig Metal
  • Metal melts in Water
  • Water gives life to Wood
  • Wood burns in Fire
  • Fire settles ashes for Earth

In the destructive cycle:

  • Earth blocks the flow of Water
  • Water stops Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal cuts Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth

For example, if your element is Water, you should avoid the earth elements that stops you (flowerpots with earth), you can use water itself (by putting aquarium, fountain or paintings/images with water) and the metal elements in your decoration because metal is the material that feeds you. You can use a trend of your element main colours (for ex. blue and gray for water and metal).

Feng Shui Bagua Map

No 5 Use the Bagua map to create your interior. In Feng Shui your home or room is divided in 8 areas which represent the most important areas of your life. Please see the picture. When looking at your home’s or room’s plan, put on the Bagua map. The main entrance door is on the Career wall (by the simplified Feng Shui method). Now you can create your interior according these areas by the principles – if you want to ”activate” area of:

  • Career – put your work desk, telephone or any things that have a good meaning for your work and career in this area.
  • Knowledge, self-development – if you are studying you can put your desk here, keep here your study materials.
  • Family – put the family pictures, furniture or things that keeps you thinking of your family.
  • Wealth, prosperity – you can decorate here with the simbols of money for example some coins in a small metallic plate
  • Fame and reputation – you can put your sport’s achievement pictures, diploma, medals or other stuff that reminds you the most proud moments.
  • Relationships, marriage, love – if it is your bedroom, you should put your bed in this area. Remember to put it the way that it can be accessible from the both sides – that symbolically and directly allows to get into the bed the both partners. To decorate this area you can use love symbols, figurines with a pair of lovebirds, as well as symbolic or your own pictures.
  • Children – if you have ones… put their drawings or crafts here, your picture with them together to keep good relationship, to stay close with them.
  • Travel and helpful people – put the pictures and souvenirs from your travels and indications where you would like to go. Helpful people as mentors – you can put pictures of your mentors. They can be some of your fiends or family or famous people from who you would like to learn.
  • The Health center should stay empty to leave a place for you and for the positive energy to concentrate.

Now it’s up to you

Now you know the main principles and it’s up to you how to use them in your home. You can try to think of each area and decorate it according to Feng Shui, but there surely will be areas that are more important for you than others. You must pay a special attention to the important ones and activate them regularly. By activating your special area you think about it more, take care more and surely will get success. For example, if you have problems in your relationship or you have no partner and are looking for, your most important area will be the Relationship area. To activate any of areas you can put candles, en-kindle them every evening creating more live light to the area. Also you can put crystals and mirrors that give more light. Keep the area clean and nice. If you have some trouble with your kids, they don’t listen to you for example, you may activate Children area and you can spend here some time with them – reading together or chatting.

Here and today my mission was to guide you to the magic Feng Shui world that can become a part of your lifestyle. I find it beautiful because it is a nice way how to remind yourself of the important things in the everyday life. It is just a method to keep yourself concentrated. If you find Feng Shui interesting, do not hesitate to make me questions in comments down here or by contacting me directly.

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