Don’t forget to be grateful

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order – David Gerrold /american author/.

Being grateful is a very important part of your self growth and positive thinking. Gratefulness means that You think of all good things that you have in your life, it reminds that actually you are not so poor, not so unhappy and that you have a good reason to keep achieving.

I propose you a Visualization meditation method that is dedicated to stay grateful.

Just close your eyes and imagine….

First make a tour in your mind – think of all these things in your life that you wouldn’t give up for anything in the world – think of your children, your family, your health… you have two hands, two legs, your eyes see and you have enough money to live – that’s awesome!!

Second, feel the energy in your body – imagine the energy flows. It flows slowly in your arms, one by one. Then it flows to your neck and head. You feel the shiny colors in each part where the energy comes. It fills all your body, your legs till the fingertips. You are all filled with it, energy keeps flowing slowly in your body.

You will share your energy to others – make sure that you feel that you have enough energy. If you think that you need more energy, I suggest you continue by filling your body with The Pure Love Energy of the Universe – that is described in my earlier article.

Third – now imagine each person for who you are grateful – one by one and give him/her a hug – a thanking hug . While the hug the energies of your bodies are exchanging. the person gives you his energy that makes you grateful and happy. You give your energy of love and gratefulness. Repeat this hugging process with each person you intended to.

Fourth – imagine each circumstance, thing or part of your body for which you are grateful. See it with your eyes closed, enjoy the moment, feel exchange of your energies.

Fifth – You have expressed your gratefulness to everyone and everywhere you wanted. Now return to the second step and feel again the energy flows in your body. Now they have changed, became stronger. Your energy is mixed with all the positive energies that you have exchanged. You feel stronger and you are ready to continue your projects and be successful.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

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