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Ladies, stress shows on your face. Happiness is the true beauty weapon. /Susan Sarandon/

Daily stress accumulates in our muscles and you keep carrying it on your shoulders. You feel a physical and emotional pressure on your body. I suggest you to get rid of this load in two steps:

Let’s start with the Body scan. Just close your eyes and imagine…

First make a tour in your mind and think of the major things that cause you stress. It is necessary to be aware of what you are getting rid of.

Second – feel whole of your body and determine the places where your muscles are tight. Imagine how your energy flows all over your body and visualize the tight muscle areas. These parts have a different color. You will scan all the body but you’ll make a special attention to these places. Here you will repeat the release several times.

Third – start the Body scan with a Releasing wave. You will guide the wave all over your body. Imagine it as a wave of energy that passes under your muscles from toes up to your body. It passes each muscle by releasing it. The wave goes smooth where the muscles are not tight. And it gives more force and goes slower to release the tight muscles.

Start with the right toe, make more attention to the feet, move slowly up on your right leg. Give more attention where needed, repeat the wave as many times as you need to feel relax. Continue with the left toe up to leg. Probably you will need more energy to your back, go through the lowest back muscles from the right side first, repeat the wave even three or four times, than do it on the left side and move up. Do the same in the middle of your back, in the upper side, on your neck. Go through your right arm, than left arm. End the body scan with your head, do well the neck side muscles and your face.

Enhance Your Happiness by Love meditation

Now your stress is released from the muscles. If you feel that you need to continue with the second step – Love energy meditation – you can follow it in my previous article Take the Pure Love Energy of the Universe. /Imagine yourself in the universe, floating above our planet, you are in the dark sky filled with colorful, shiny Love energy flows. These Love flows are filling You, as a part of the universe. You feel the warm, slow loving energy coming into your body…/

If the Body scan was enough for now, you can make the Love meditation the next time. Once you have done, you must feel satisfied, You have left more space in your body for the positive energy and happiness.

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