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Meditation for night

You have done one more busy day, one more busy week. Have you done everything that you wanted? Before you go to sleep… it’s the best time to clear your spirit.

Why should you do this?

  • To reduce your stress and take up energy
  • To remember where you go and why you do the things
  • To stay happy, loving and grateful

Five step meditation for the night

I propose you a motivating meditation that will guide you through the most important things before you sleep. So close your eyes and imagine…

First – be aware of your breath

Be aware of your breath to introduce yourself in meditation. Listen up how the air enters in you and how it goes out. Be aware how it feels on your lips, in your mouth, in your throat and lungs. Feel how it goes out. Follow it in your mind until you feel calm and can go on with the next step.

Second – Think of things that you have done today

Sort them in your mind – which were necessary and which not. Think what more should you do to get your aims done. Imagine yourself achieving your aims in the best scenario. Think what you need to do.

Third – go and get the energy

You must have enough energy. Now imagine yourself flying in the universe. In the dark sky you see colorful energy flows. They are coming to fulfill you. This is the Love energy of the universe – take it as much as you need.

Four – share the energy with others

You must start by giving the loving energy to people who surround you. Imagine every member of your family, every friend of yours. Give him and her a hug while transmit the love energy to each person. Than imagine each person that you don’t like and give them the same. This frees you from negative energy. More of Love Energy Meditation you can see in one of my previous posts: Take The Pure Love Energy of the Universe.

Five – see the purpuse

Be aware of the energy that is still turning in your body. Feel and see how it is beautiful and colorful, how it flows in your body. Now take back in your mind the most important people and things to achieve and see how you honor them with your energy. This is the purpose of things that you do and you will be done all the necessary for a good beginning of the next day. You will know on what to concentrate.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to talk about it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me an e-mail.

Now share with us what is your meditation for the night? Thank You so much!

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  1. Excellent post!

    1. Thank You very much Lorrie !

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