I am a human, person, woman, mother, daughter, wife, rat racer, on my way to get a freedom and still stay busy, trying to stay concentrated.

I’m here to share with you on my learning process, to read, observe, make  conclusions and act by my Blog.

I am an expat, I left my country to make life differently as I was supposed to. I am glad of my choice because it opened my eyes and my mind to things that I would never see if I would stay on the place.

I have based my reflections on such books as “Rich dad poor dad” and ”Cashflow quadrant” of Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, as well as the computer game ”Cashflow”; ”Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill, ”My life and work” by Henry Ford, ”A better way to live”, ”The greatest salesman in the world”, ”University of success” by Ogg Mandino. The last one is my all time favourite book that really opened my mind to things that I did not realized before. In this book are the best authors all together. And of course, I keep reflecting on the most famous self-improvement blogs of today.  I like to read them for inspiration but don’t take as serious as these book people several years ago.

Work to create a harmony between the everyday work for your financial basis and work with yourself to keep your spirits health.

Nice to meet you!

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