• How to Have Only Amazing Weekends

    18 October 2019 by

    Thank god it’s Friday! Make of your weekend a real zen and joyful event. We women don’t stop working ever. As our days off are here, we need to do lot and a lot of things at home. Her’s how to stop this and have a really nice days off! Plan your time Many are… Read more

  • Don’t be Perfect

    11 October 2019 by

    You are doing well. You are doing a lot. Only you can do things like they should be. Aren’t you a perfectionist? Lets settle two kinds of perfectionists: Professionals Perfectionists Perfectionists in their professional life make themselves a possibility to achieve more. Here all depends on your work. If you are a project manager, a… Read more

  • A Sad Dreamers Story

    2 October 2019 by

    The beginning of my dream was an idea Just a taught that determined my further behavior. It didn’t let me go, so it was worth of a little case study. That gave me a motivation, joy of beginning something new. I started to talk about it to others, ask questions to those who have experienced… Read more

  • Meditation for night

    27 September 2019 by

    You have done one more busy day, one more busy week. Have you done everything that you wanted? Before you go to sleep… it’s the best time to clear your spirit. Why should you do this? To reduce your stress and take up energy To remember where you go and why you do the things… Read more

  • Busy woman – Love your life

    13 September 2019 by

    Would you die happy today?! You don’t know when your life journey ends. You are a woman, a busy woman as the most of us. You have been at work all day, you have done the laundry, homework with kids, you have prepared the dinner and payed the last bills. Today you didn’t have time… Read more

  • Body scan – Meditation massage

    9 September 2019 by

    Ladies, stress shows on your face. Happiness is the true beauty weapon. /Susan Sarandon/ Daily stress accumulates in our muscles and you keep carrying it on your shoulders. You feel a physical and emotional pressure on your body. I suggest you to get rid of this load in two steps: Do a Body scan or… Read more

  • Don’t forget to be grateful

    30 August 2019 by

    Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order – David Gerrold /american author/. Being grateful is a very important part of your self growth and positive thinking. Gratefulness means that You think of all good things that you… Read more

  • Best Living Room Design picks

    29 August 2019 by

    I propose you Interior design for Living room – here you can see several interesting room design solutions, recommendations from blog. Autumn and winter are the Living room seasons. We spend more time in our home then in summer. Create a nice feeling in your Living and you’ll be happy to spend your time… Read more

  • Back to School – with good Feng Shui in kid’s room

    24 August 2019 by

    To have a good Back to School for the kids introduce some good Feng Shui tips in the interior of kid’s room. Changes will make the kid happy and stimulate good schooling habits. You can start by creating a nice ambiance. Feng Shui in bref Feng Shui is an art to link a persons life with… Read more

  • Best kids’s room design picks

    24 August 2019 by

    I propose you Interior design for children’s room – here you can see several interesting room design solutions, recommendations from blog. If you want more, I suggest You to visit my Picks article – Best Living Room Design Picks.

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