Best picks of Feng Shui for You

Feng Shui is an art to link a persons life with his surroundings. Using Feng Shui advice you can create a harmony between your lifestyle and your environment. The theory is based on good and bad energy flows that you can control by organizing your environment. The aim is to get around all positive energy and to cancel all the negative. The good energy influences you in the best ways but the bad energy attracts a bad luck. Feng Shui has practical advice how to introduce harmony and it has a straight connection with well aired and tidy spaces.

Take the best for you without becoming a fanatic

More you read in theories, more complicated it becomes. My believe is that you don’t have to blindly follow one theory. You have the right to choose the best of what you have learned and build your own theory in your believes, in your mind. I found Feng Shui a useful way to connect my love to interior and my needs to improve things in my life. Every theories that you will believe in will work for you. This is the force of your mind. So by following Feng Shui methods you must be sure that they will work… it works for me. Here I propose you the Cherry on the Cake of Feng Shui:

No 1 Throw away all unnecessary things. All that you think that you will use one day but don’t use now. Get rid of everything that is broken, not good looking or dirty. Put all necessary things in their place, in the shelves. Do not store things under your bed, on the tables or on the wardrobes. The middle of the room must be empty. Do not leave dark corners or messy spaces. Imagine your room from the beginning – once it was empty and then you put just the necessary furniture. No tons of things anywhere. The good energy flows well on flat spaces. When it flows, it cleans away all bad energy on it’s way. Whereas messy surfaces, corners or mess on the floor accumulates the bad energy that installs and don’t let the positive energy to pass.

No 2 Keep your environment clean. Once you have no mess, it is easy to keep surfaces clean all the time. Many things everywhere take a lots of dust and take many time to clean. You don’t have many time to do that. The same principle on the floor and in the air. Open windows regularly. Dust, dirtiness and no aired spaces attract the negative energy as bad as messy rooms.

These are two main principles that help me to feel myself comfortable in my house, even without Feng Shui. You will see that in a clean, spacey room you will be able to work or study better. You will be able to concentrate well on your issues and will feel motivated. Before I start any computer-work I first get the good energy come in.

No 3 Use light to eliminate dark spaces in your room. Dark and lost corners accumulate the negative energy as well. To get a good flow of positive energy, bring a lot of light in your room. Always open the curtain during the daytime. Use lamps and candles during the dark time – to bring the maximum of light in your space. If needed, put additional lamps in the corners or mirrors that reflect the light and illuminate.

No 4 Use the theory of the 5 elements of Feng Shui. Theory is based on 5 elements of the nature – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire. You must get to know which element you are according to your year of birth. You can do it very quickly here. It applies the principle of Destructive and Productive cycle, please see the picture. In order to create successful spaces for yourself you must use the element that precedes you in the productive cycle and/or use your element. You must avoid elements that destructs you by the destructive cycle.

Feng Shui Cycle – 5 elements

In the productive cycle:

  • From Earth you will dig Metal
  • Metal melts in Water
  • Water gives life to Wood
  • Wood burns in Fire
  • Fire settles ashes for Earth

In the destructive cycle:

  • Earth blocks the flow of Water
  • Water stops Fire
  • Fire melts Metal
  • Metal cuts Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth

For example, if your element is Water, you should avoid the earth elements that stops you (flowerpots with earth), you can use water itself (by putting aquarium, fountain or paintings/images with water) and the metal elements in your decoration because metal is the material that feeds you. You can use a trend of your element main colours (for ex. blue and gray for water and metal).

Feng Shui Bagua Map

No 5 Use the Bagua map to create your interior. In Feng Shui your home or room is divided in 8 areas which represent the most important areas of your life. Please see the picture. When looking at your home’s or room’s plan, put on the Bagua map. The main entrance door is on the Career wall (by the simplified Feng Shui method). Now you can create your interior according these areas by the principles – if you want to ”activate” area of:

  • Career – put your work desk, telephone or any things that have a good meaning for your work and career in this area.
  • Knowledge, self-development – if you are studying you can put your desk here, keep here your study materials.
  • Family – put the family pictures, furniture or things that keeps you thinking of your family.
  • Wealth, prosperity – you can decorate here with the simbols of money for example some coins in a small metallic plate
  • Fame and reputation – you can put your sport’s achievement pictures, diploma, medals or other stuff that reminds you the most proud moments.
  • Relationships, marriage, love – if it is your bedroom, you should put your bed in this area. Remember to put it the way that it can be accessible from the both sides – that symbolically and directly allows to get into the bed the both partners. To decorate this area you can use love symbols, figurines with a pair of lovebirds, as well as symbolic or your own pictures.
  • Children – if you have ones… put their drawings or crafts here, your picture with them together to keep good relationship, to stay close with them.
  • Travel and helpful people – put the pictures and souvenirs from your travels and indications where you would like to go. Helpful people as mentors – you can put pictures of your mentors. They can be some of your fiends or family or famous people from who you would like to learn.
  • The Health center should stay empty to leave a place for you and for the positive energy to concentrate.

Now it’s up to you

Now you know the main principles and it’s up to you how to use them in your home. You can try to think of each area and decorate it according to Feng Shui, but there surely will be areas that are more important for you than others. You must pay a special attention to the important ones and activate them regularly. By activating your special area you think about it more, take care more and surely will get success. For example, if you have problems in your relationship or you have no partner and are looking for, your most important area will be the Relationship area. To activate any of areas you can put candles, en-kindle them every evening creating more live light to the area. Also you can put crystals and mirrors that give more light. Keep the area clean and nice. If you have some trouble with your kids, they don’t listen to you for example, you may activate Children area and you can spend here some time with them – reading together or chatting.

Here and today my mission was to guide you to the magic Feng Shui world that can become a part of your lifestyle. I find it beautiful because it is a nice way how to remind yourself of the important things in the everyday life. It is just a method to keep yourself concentrated. If you find Feng Shui interesting, do not hesitate to make me questions in comments down here or by contacting me directly.

Further reading that can propose you more in depth and precise things to follow in Feng Shui:

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Create a home that inspires you

Create a home that motivates you and you will get inspiration every day! See interior design as a part of your active life. It is Your house, apartment or room – and You are able to create what’s in it. The best moments in my life are moving into a new house or apartment and choosing the furniture, floor and all accessories around. Even if you have a budget to respect, this is the moment when you create your space to live in. On that will depend how you will feel every day. If you will choose beautiful things to look at, you will feel beautiful too.

I will tell you by a secret that me and my husband we love to change furniture placement or even switch rooms with our children, to make a difference. Even if we are not changing the house, and not buying new furniture, we are just changing the looks.

Always aim higher

Always aim higher when choosing your home looks. I start by looking luxury interiors to give myself an idea what is the best. Even if I will never afford them, I see trends and put ideas together with my own requirements. You see how different materials, colors and lights change the whole ambiance. When you will choose your furniture, you will see better how to combine different looks to get the best result.

Bring your personal values into your interior

You should see interior as a part of your active life. It must be functional, practical and remind you the most important values of your life. A home is not a museum. Bring in it your heart. I mean to think about – your family, love, your career. Many years ago I have found the Chinese method of harmonizing your surroundings – Feng Shui. I am not the fanatic of it to calculate each corner according it’s rules. But as I was interested in it, I learn their theory and took the best for me. If you are interested in more content of my interpretation of Feng Shui, I invite you to follow my blog, and read the article Best picks of Feng Shui for You. In brief the theory is based on creating well aired, light, no messy, tidy spaces. And it proposes you to divide your living space in areas which represents certain aspects of your life (family, love career etc.) To be successful in each of them, you have to take a regular care of these areas.

The most important that I learned from Feng Shui – it invites you to keep in mind your general topics all the time. In our everyday life we work, we do things quickly and often forget to take care of the most important. Let’s say that by introducing your important aspects in your interior you keep them visual behind your eyes all the time. It is a little bit like self-improvement authors advice sometimes to wright down some important quotes or even your aims on a paper and put it like a huge poster in your room. Every morning when you wake up, you read the words and keep concentrated on them.

Me with my family have a project to create us a new space of living. I’m so excited about it. So I invite you to see some of my best kitchen picks:
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Image result for luxury kitchens

Image result for luxury kitchens
Image result for luxury kitchens

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Take the pure Love energy of the Universe

Taking and feeling the pure Love energy is a Visualization meditation method that helps you:

  • To get the energy you need
  • To keep you grateful
  • To forgive
  • To get rid of the negative energy

All these are key elements to be aware who you are and where you are going. This gives an energy You need to reach our goals and to succeed in Your everyday life. If You have an order in your mind, You will be able to better affront the different emotional situations that may occur. Just – You will stay positive.

Now find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine….

Imagine yourself in the universe, floating above our planet, you are in the dark sky filled with colorful, shiny Love energy flows. These Love flows are filling You, as a part of the universe. You feel the warm, slow loving energy coming into your body. First it flows in your arms, one by one. Then it flows to your neck and head. You feel the shiny colors in each part where the energy comes. It fills all your body, your legs till the fingertips. Now you are all filled with it, energy keep flowing slowly in your body. The warm universe Loving energy keeps shining your body, you are filled with The Pure Love.

Give the pure love to your beloved ones

When you are ready, imagine every person that you love. Imagine your mom, your dad, grandparents, each of your children, your partner, your friends. See them one by one with you. You make a hug to each person and at the moment of the hug the loving energy that flows in You flows in the person’s body. You have all the love of the Universe; you can give as much as you want. You can stay with each person as long as you need. It makes you grateful for having them and reminds your love.

Give the Love to assholes that you hate

Then you imagine every person that have hurt you, every fucking asshole that you hate, each moraine that have made a misery of you… your enemies… and- give the love to each of them. Yes, as much love as you can to each asshole! Make a hug and let the loving energy flow in their bodies. That is how you forgive them and calm your emotions. When you are doing this for the first time you must feel a large step that you make, an effort.

Once you have done, you must feel satisfied… (a bit like a God) 🙂 You keep emitting the loving energy everywhere you go. You do it in your own way. You feel the satisfaction and you have all the energy you need to go on.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, Share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what is your favorite meditation? Thank You so much!

You know exactly what you want, but can’t start?

If you know exactly what you want, but can’t start, here’s what I want you to do: Stop searching and reading, get to the job! And you must get it done today, at least… it must begin today.

You are original and you must do it on your own way

First you have to try it out and do some further research after – if needed. Why? Because inspiring by others is a great source of ideas but it sets your limits by ideas of other people. You are risking to loose your own originality. You risk to box yourself into existing and don’t let your genius break the borders. If you look back in history – every inventor, new genius broke the limits, they were first considered as a foolish. No matters what you are up to, remember – You are original and you must do it on your own way. Because you will not sell one more copy of already existing. The market of today is overloaded.

The second is not to be afraid to be a fool. Being a fool for ones means being a genius for others. That’s the old brakes that keep plenty of people away from their dreams – being afraid of what others will say.

Believe in yourself

I remember myself in such situations when I was scared of opinion of others and was ready to stop all action immediately. I had this feeling because I did not believe in myself. Even if I knew that it is not hard to do, I thought ”my God, what will they think, they will look at me as to an idiot”. I did not realize that All situation depends on perception. It depends ”how you sell the thing.”

You have the only ability to guide your life path. There is no other person who can make the good decision in your place – only in a case if you let it be. Don’t do it, take your life in your hands and concentrate on what shall be done, do it without hesitation. You are the writer of your history, instead of thinking of what others think, make sure not to disappoint yourself.

Let’s see an example: imagine, if you would be a real estate agent (with all stereotypes that it incorporates), people will come to you because they can’t find their house in another way. If you will talk to them in a small voice, tell only the facts and numbers, won’t be confident in yourself they will count it unprofessional, will think that you are there only to get your percent, and they will leave you as soon as possible to see another agent. If you will be able to sell them a whole story of a nice area, let them understand that you will guide them in this occasion, help with a professional advice, they will believe in you, they will see that you don’t take your percent for nothing. Even better, if earlier they might have any negative opinion on your profession, now they would be glad to meet you. You see that in these two situations the result of What people think of you – is crucial – to get the deal or not. But all the difference is in your attitude and choice – being self-confident or not. Staying in the right profession or not…

Others will believe too

So remember to get your inspiration on your own way and get started immediately. So many people don’t see outside the box and are not acting because of their fear of other people’s opinion. Your originality and courage can make a difference. Show that you believe in yourself and others will believe too.

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How to stay happy

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” Helen Keller

We are hunting for happiness, we are aiming higher, but still feeling unsatisfied and believing in a better tomorrow. Will I be satisfied when I will have a better house? Or a better work? Or maybe when I will have children? We think of our aim as a state of situation – that will last and keep us happy. When you get your goals at work, do you Stay satisfied? You get your satisfaction, but life goes on and you have other things to achieve. Happiness is a process.

The desire of happiness keeps us going

It keeps us going and changing things and produces our self-development. When we are Not Unhappy we let the things go on like they are. We fulfill our everyday life with what we already have and know. But at the moment of crisis, moment of the limit we explode, we want to change the order of things. This explosion forces us to think, to search to find the way out, to find solutions. Actually it is the UNHAPPINESS that pushes us to change the things towards happiness.

How to progress without the big explosion

How to progress without the big explosion? When you feel that things go wrong, go out with the discussion, talk to your partner, your family, talk out what’s wrong and the solution will come, because the solution will be born in your mind, it is already there just waits for your action. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the situation anymore.

Which moment the Unhappiness turns into Happiness

When you see the solution, you figure out the ways how to get there and make a decision to act according to your new idea. Now you are on your way to the Happiness. Your action makes you happy, because you have changed things and you know that you are on the good way.

Compromise happiness when not living alone?

There is not only our view that counts, we have our closest people around who live with the same ambition. When you and your partner have the same meanings of happiness, it is easy to move on. But what to do if your interests don’t match? Or worse – they make an opposition to each other?

A Global hobby

If you really can’t stand each other’s meaning of joy, it wouldn’t be reasonable to stay together. But if you are good together, you must find a solution any way. It won’t be fair to forbid your partner his hobbies or source of joy and not fair to give up yours as well. Sometimes one of us gives up doing his favorite things hoping that other one will do the same, but the partner is not ready for this kind of sacrifice. This can only ruin your relationship. Find a common aim for you to move on in the life, determine together how will you do it and you will be on your common way to happiness, you will have a ‘’global hobby’’ together. And what concerns your own sources of joy – plan your time the way that each of you have time to do his things, respect each other and your relationship will stay healthy.

happy together

How to keep your happiness?!

The time that you spend living and acting according to your views of happy life or fulfilling your aim with an appropriate action, you will keep yourself happy. One needs to have a variety of entertainment around to feel living a happy life. Another will be happy gardening every weekend, all depends on your view. Think about it – what makes you feel good and keep doing it. On your happiness will depend the happiness of the people that surround you, your work productivity and your health.

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Ask your most important question

Here is a visualization meditation method that may help you to find an answer to your most important question. Your question may be about your relationship, work, schooling, choice in your life or any other that really matters to you but you can’t decide what to do or how to act.

So the first step is to visualize your mentor – close your eyes and imagine a person or a being who you trust. It can be someone you know or as well an imaginary wise man, spirit or animal, creature. It may be something that you create by your mind and you give the force to it, him or her to show you the right way.

The second step is to imagine the place in the world where you feel yourself the most comfortable, safe and not bothered. That will be the place where you will meet your mentor.

The third step is to make clear your question. You must put your question on the paper, to make it clear. While your meditation you will ask this question to your mentor. Once the question is definite, you may close your eyes and start the visualization:

Imagine yourself…

going along a countryside path, it may be a memory from your past or imaginary one. There is no one around, you feel the mild wind on your skin, you see and feel the nature around you. Hear the walking sounds under your feet, the birds singing. You continue to walk, you look around you, see the nature and feel yourself really in this situation. You continue to walk and you can let free your imagination – see around the nature, feel it. You must continue this path as long as you feel really inside your visualization. When you feel ready, you see that the path has taken you to your special place.

It is the secure place that you imagined before. Here you will meet your mentor. When you arrive to this place you must look around you, see common things and feel really comfortable. When you are ready, your mentor comes and you concentrate on him – who is he and how does he looks. When you are aware of the situation and feel ready, you can ask your question.

You shall let your mind free to respond to you. You still feel yourself in the situation, you see that the mentor is reflecting on your question, finding solution and he may respond you on his way. If it is a human, he or she may write it down, say or even answer by a telepathic way. If it is an extraordinary creature, animal or spirit, it might answer you by signs or action. You can let your imagination work and let him answer on his own way.

It is possible that you will not get the answer from the first meditation, if you haven’t used to meditate. Maybe you will not understand the answer, it will not be clear or you won’t be able to concentrate enough. If it is so, you can restart this meditation whenever you want, if needed, many times to understand well the answer.

This meditation can help to clean up the mess in your mind, it helps to definite the roles of your experiences and to make conclusions that might not be obvious before.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what is your favorite meditation? Thank You so much!

The solution how to succeed is in you

We need to succeed in this life, we have to…

We now that our school hasn’t learned us to succeed so we are searching elsewhere… everywhere. After reading the self-help and self-improvement literature, many of us will try it out in different ways, but nothing actually changes. Even worse – more persistent you are, more miserable you can feel after – because they say that it’s so fucking easy to succeed: ’’When you imagine 1000,000 $ their almost yours’’ or ‘’the most important is to start and don’t let go…’’ Many of us are ready to everything to succeed and they believe that those glorious words from self-improvers will work… they can even spend a money to make it work…. but nothing. Why?!

Reading a motivating and helping literature doesn’t mean that you acquire the ability, skills or needed knowledge

You are just reading, entertaining yourself. Even if all advice is really useful, you have to ACT to make it WORK in your life. Reading that joyful literature won’t give you basic knowledge on the market, business or the particular skills that actually will determine if your projects are viable or not. Advises just motivate you to go, but you have to keep your head on the shoulders and figure out the right way to go.

The motivation authors have the role of cheer leaders

For example, you know that you will start a particular online selling business. The most important is to go back to business theories and see what you should find out on your competitors and their strategies. Than you have to find out if there is a raising demand on the market, the rate of prices and much more. All that will take you a lots of time and your research might show different results… maybe it will not be a viable project and you will have to restart your research in another domain.

They keep screaming: ‘’Go, go, you can do it’’, but all decision is yours, you are the player and the result will depend on your performance, not on the volume of the cheer leader’s voice.

Take your time and think

You should find at least some minutes at least once a week to sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on who you are, what you have and where you are going. It is important is to keep connection between what you are doing and what you are willing.

Concentrate exactly on your life plans or projects

First you need to think in whole – what is the aim, what looks like your dream come true. Than you have to think of your tasks in general what you have to do to get to your aim. Imagine clearly the things that you do to make it real. Than imagine what you will do today to move forward. And think if you give the best for it? This part is so fucking important because here you must give the directions to yourself… Motivation must stay with you all the time.

Thomas Edison said: ‘’Opportunity is missed by most of the people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like a work.’’ All this stuff is nothing if it cannot make you act!

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Screw on what they think

Have you been mad on yourself due to seeing all those people have houses, cars, they succeed in their business… and damn it! Why not me?! What does I don’t understand? Each time starting something soon you understand that it won’t WORK anyway, that it’s not good enough… You start one idea, then you prepare everything to start another…and another… each time you started so excited…, but once the preparing accomplished, you are scared and do not see yourself strong enough to propose it to people. What will they think? And what will they say? And the worse –what if they all will see how I fail!? Laozi said: ‘’ Care about people’s approval, and you will always be their prisoner’’. Stop worrying what others think, only you know what shell be done in your life – go for it!

There is a story from life

While I was doing a day job, some 10 years ago, I had very nice colleagues – man and woman with whom we had habits to celebrate birthdays together, to go out together and to share all the information in our circle. We kept in touch by seeing all the time, by phone, by messages, all my time was busy now. We all knew each other’s work and free time schedule, who is doing what which hour. So if I said that I cannot come out once with everyone, I had to invent a good reason.

At the beginning I saw it exciting, I was happy, but as it repeated constantly, I started to see that this group of persons are only interested in this being together itself, on clothes they wore for each time – to surprise others and to show out, to criticise others by the back. Even if the moments together were nice, all it seemed to me superficial and useless, I started to be sorry for the time that I spend with them but to stay good at my work I had to keep the relationship. I was even terrorized that my birthday approached and I had to invent a place where to celebrate it to surprise my colleagues (as everyone did), to buy new clothes and to organize a better party that one’s before…We worked well together, but all this out of work stuff was too much for me. Even worse… I started to feel imprisoned by them, under their control. I had my own additional professional plans and ideas to realize, but I felt blocked, I did not want my colleagues to know what will I do, because I knew that it will cause a jealousy and I will be observed very closely to not to skip the moment when I will make a mistake, when I fell… and so they could make a whole story out of it.

My right to freedom

Aristotle said about that ‘’There is only one way to avoid criticism – do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing’’ so I felt that I am nothing, a misery. I knew that I could go out of this prison but only by quitting that nice job and stopping seeing with them. It is not always simple to quit a job, knowing that you need an income anyway. Finally, I found another day job and I quit, so my dear colleagues let me go… little by little. I had regained my out of work time freedom! Finally, my telephone did not ring every hour and I had no obligations to go to their parties and tell ‘’what’s new in my life’’. Even I was wondering where from do I have so much time…?

At that time, I read already the self-improvement literature and knew that these are the wrong people for me and I had to get rid of them in my every day life. I knew as well that if I wanted to move on with my projects I must stop caring of what the other people will think. In my situation I could not just stop caring. These were real people in a real situation who asked me the questions and I could not afford to be rude with them… it is just not me to be bad with people around. So I had to make an action that is quite global to my life, to my profession and to my income – I had to quit the job to get rid of those people. Actually it was not even about my projects in particular, it was about my right to have a freedom.

It is all about scare of the judgement

Any way I felt the winner because I was free. Actually all this situation was about my feeling that my colleagues kept me busy by the things that are not worthy enough in my values system.

You want to do things but you don’t want to show yourself. You are a personality and if you do more things than an average person you will become seen and there is a chance that you will be criticized. It is the price to pay. Not all criticism is objective and meaningful. It might come from jealousy or just a habit to talk about others. These people don’t care about you, you shouldn’t care either. An American author Dr Seuss Geisel said very well: ‘’Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.’’

Your ideas are more important, just get to the job now and ignore negative influences. If you have difficulties on this topic, write me an e-mail or just put it here in comments and we’ll get through it!

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