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Ask your most important question

Here is a visualization meditation method that may help you to find an answer to your most important question. Your question may be about your relationship, work, schooling, choice in your life or any other that really matters to you but you can’t decide what to do or how to act.

So the first step is to visualize your mentor – close your eyes and imagine a person or a being who you trust. It can be someone you know or as well an imaginary wise man, spirit or animal, creature. It may be something that you create by your mind and you give the force to it, him or her to show you the right way.

The second step is to imagine the place in the world where you feel yourself the most comfortable, safe and not bothered. That will be the place where you will meet your mentor.

The third step is to make clear your question. You must put your question on the paper, to make it clear. While your meditation you will ask this question to your mentor. Once the question is definite, you may close your eyes and start the visualization:

Imagine yourself…

going along a countryside path, it may be a memory from your past or imaginary one. There is no one around, you feel the mild wind on your skin, you see and feel the nature around you. Hear the walking sounds under your feet, the birds singing. You continue to walk, you look around you, see the nature and feel yourself really in this situation. You continue to walk and you can let free your imagination – see around the nature, feel it. You must continue this path as long as you feel really inside your visualization. When you feel ready, you see that the path has taken you to your special place.

It is the secure place that you imagined before. Here you will meet your mentor. When you arrive to this place you must look around you, see common things and feel really comfortable. When you are ready, your mentor comes and you concentrate on him – who is he and how does he looks. When you are aware of the situation and feel ready, you can ask your question.

You shall let your mind free to respond to you. You still feel yourself in the situation, you see that the mentor is reflecting on your question, finding solution and he may respond you on his way. If it is a human, he or she may write it down, say or even answer by a telepathic way. If it is an extraordinary creature, animal or spirit, it might answer you by signs or action. You can let your imagination work and let him answer on his own way.

It is possible that you will not get the answer from the first meditation, if you haven’t used to meditate. Maybe you will not understand the answer, it will not be clear or you won’t be able to concentrate enough. If it is so, you can restart this meditation whenever you want, if needed, many times to understand well the answer.

This meditation can help to clean up the mess in your mind, it helps to definite the roles of your experiences and to make conclusions that might not be obvious before.

If you have tried out this meditation and if you would like to discuss it, share your experience with us in comments or by sending me a private e-mail.

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