How to Have Only Amazing Weekends

Thank god it’s Friday! Make of your weekend a real zen and joyful event. We women don’t stop working ever. As our days off are here, we need to do lot and a lot of things at home. Her’s how to stop this and have a really nice days off!

Plan your time

Many are using now time planning cell phone applications who basically help to remember your tasks and set the time when to do them. It is not a bad idea. But you can use an agenda or just a sheet of paper to do it.

Start by planning your week. Don’t forget to include the home tasks between others. This is a work too so don’t let yourself do all this on your free time! Even if you are tired after work, do at least one small homework every day. It might be the morning before you go to work or any other time. Think if you could even stand up some 20 minutes earlier the morning to do it.

Search for helpers

And right away I will not agree – this is not help that you need. Actually home-tasks should be done by all family members at least if you are not a housewife. This is not a help, it’s a common family life. You work, your partner works, children go to school – so each one some part of home work.

Forget perfectionism

You want that things are well done, so that’s why you don’t want any helpers. The floor won’t be so clean and dinner won’t be as you planned. Let it go! Let it be as it is, they can do things too and that might bring pleasure to everyone. You don’t need to control everything – be a team member, not a leader. Get fun all together – that’s the most important.

Plan your weekend

If you have two days off, you can plan that time too – a little bit for your family and a little bit for you. Plan an afternoon with your kids – go out for a walk or play games together. But don’t forget to take the other afternoon for you! Go out for coffee with your friend or with your partner. A great afternoon for yourself can be an afternoon home alone. Do your beauty rituals in the bathroom, make yourself a huge cup of aromatic thee with honey and watch a film that you wouldn’t watch with your family.

Because we, women need to take up energy. You are the energy of the family and if You will feel good, relaxed and positive, your family will feel like that too.

Have a nice weekend !!

Don’t be Perfect

You are doing well. You are doing a lot. Only you can do things like they should be. Aren’t you a perfectionist? Lets settle two kinds of perfectionists:

Professionals Perfectionists

Perfectionists in their professional life make themselves a possibility to achieve more. Here all depends on your work. If you are a project manager, a leader and concentrate your perfectionism on achieving the global goals, perfectionism will surely lead you to success. This quality helps you to see a global picture and achieve it in the best ways. Many successful people are perfectionists. If you are in this category, go on, keep improving in your work!

If you are a part of some structure, you are working for a bigger project, but not leading it, perfectionism might cause you more stress then success. More and better you will perform, more work you will do instead of others. You will rise expectations on your performance and will have to work harder than others for the same wage. Try to find a balance – do your job well but not instead of others.

Perfectionism in the private life – to get rid off

Perfectionism in your everyday life can only guide to a low self esteem and depression. Actually you tend to look perfect, to keep your home perfect because you want to look perfect in the eyes of others. And when you’re not able to be at the top, you feel bad. You are able even to avoid seeing friends or to invite people at home. This is the type of perfectionism that you should avoid. If you have real friends, they will understand that you are busy and won’t even pay attention to your imperfections.

And the most important – only the perfectionists will judge others for their imperfections. That means that you set yourself high limits and you are not happy with yourself if you can’t reach them. But people who are not like you, won’t judge you like you would.

What to do to stop being perfectionist?

Your physical appearance – get ready for the day in the morning. The first thing before any other – you get yourself ready for all day. You don’t need to re-do your make-up several times. Try to be natural, buy yourself only clothes that you like very much. Get rid of the clothes that doesn’t fit you or you don’t feel free and comfortable in. This will help you to be on the Top always.

Your home – don’t let it be too messy. Keep it in order all the time so that you don’t have to invest a lots of work to clean up each time. Maybe only you can clean it as perfect as you like, but let some work to the others of your family too. A little bit for children, a little bit for your partner and it’s not tragic that it won’t be perfect. At least it will be done and you will have more time to enjoy your life.

Make priorities

There are many genius people who are succeeding in their work and financial life being perfectionists in this, but the house stays messy all the week awaiting for a payed cleaner on the Sunday. They don’t waste the time to clean up home, because they are better paid in their professional work. And to be successful in the work, they need to be happy together with their beloved ones, not wasting the time in making perfect things that doesn’t actually matter.

Please share with us – Are You a Perfectionist? How do You feel it? Because Your opinion matters! Thank You so much!

How to stay happy

“I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet” Helen Keller

We are hunting for happiness, we are aiming higher, but still feeling unsatisfied and believing in a better tomorrow. Will I be satisfied when I will have a better house? Or a better work? Or maybe when I will have children? We think of our aim as a state of situation – that will last and keep us happy. When you get your goals at work, do you Stay satisfied? You get your satisfaction, but life goes on and you have other things to achieve. Happiness is a process.

The desire of happiness keeps us going

It keeps us going and changing things and produces our self-development. When we are Not Unhappy we let the things go on like they are. We fulfill our everyday life with what we already have and know. But at the moment of crisis, moment of the limit we explode, we want to change the order of things. This explosion forces us to think, to search to find the way out, to find solutions. Actually it is the UNHAPPINESS that pushes us to change the things towards happiness.

How to progress without the big explosion

How to progress without the big explosion? When you feel that things go wrong, go out with the discussion, talk to your partner, your family, talk out what’s wrong and the solution will come, because the solution will be born in your mind, it is already there just waits for your action. Don’t wait until you can’t stand the situation anymore.

Which moment the Unhappiness turns into Happiness

When you see the solution, you figure out the ways how to get there and make a decision to act according to your new idea. Now you are on your way to the Happiness. Your action makes you happy, because you have changed things and you know that you are on the good way.

Compromise happiness when not living alone?

There is not only our view that counts, we have our closest people around who live with the same ambition. When you and your partner have the same meanings of happiness, it is easy to move on. But what to do if your interests don’t match? Or worse – they make an opposition to each other?

A Global hobby

If you really can’t stand each other’s meaning of joy, it wouldn’t be reasonable to stay together. But if you are good together, you must find a solution any way. It won’t be fair to forbid your partner his hobbies or source of joy and not fair to give up yours as well. Sometimes one of us gives up doing his favorite things hoping that other one will do the same, but the partner is not ready for this kind of sacrifice. This can only ruin your relationship. Find a common aim for you to move on in the life, determine together how will you do it and you will be on your common way to happiness, you will have a ‘’global hobby’’ together. And what concerns your own sources of joy – plan your time the way that each of you have time to do his things, respect each other and your relationship will stay healthy.

happy together

How to keep your happiness?!

The time that you spend living and acting according to your views of happy life or fulfilling your aim with an appropriate action, you will keep yourself happy. One needs to have a variety of entertainment around to feel living a happy life. Another will be happy gardening every weekend, all depends on your view. Think about it – what makes you feel good and keep doing it. On your happiness will depend the happiness of the people that surround you, your work productivity and your health.

Please share the post and write in a comment or e-mail me – what is happiness for you. Really would like to see Your opinion! Thank You !